How To Write Good Advertising Content

Guest Post By Monica K How To Write Good Advertising Content: To write successful advertisement content is to catch the attention of the customer at first sight as they flicker though the brochures and fliers like they flip through a magazine. This should be the goal of every written advertising or marketing campaign. Prospective customers [...]

How to Fund Marketing On a Small Business Budget

Flaunt Your Businesses With Flags Doing business in this highly competitive market world is filled with potential risks and dangers, your rival companies, as soon as you get into the market will eye on you like a hawk on its prey. Your market division, your strategy, your products, your field and your expertise everything is [...]

Best Internet Marketing in Kenya | What To Consider As Client

This article will help you Increasing Your Brand Visibility Online – Free Tips. This post is written for Companies, Internet Marketers, Bloggers and anyone who wants to get more clients from the online communities in Kenya. The internet marketing in Kenya has brought change in the advertising world and agencies are coming up with new [...]

An infographic on World’s Billionaires

This is the best infographic you will ever come across for world billionaires. – Click the image to enlarge and share with your friends We have discussed world billionaires before, but the below picture is all what you need to understand everything about billionaires. This infogrpahic was prepared for by Alexandra Baradi or Exceptional [...]

20 Smart Ways to Give your Small Business a Professional Look

20 Smart Ways to Give your Small Business a Professional Look | When you have just started a business, it is obviously going to be small, but that does not mean people should perceive you as a small fish. The clients’ perception can impact your growth prospects. You need to ensure that your small business [...]

Discount Incubators in Kenya | Poultry Business Redefined

Discount Incubators in Kenya exist to help you make a difference in your poultry farming business. Discount Incubators, located in Taveta Shopping Mall 1st Floor Room 55, Taveta Road in the County of Nairobi, provide affordable eggs incubators for poultry farmers. Poultry farming in Kenya is a lucrative business idea and this is the reason [...]

7 Tips For Hunting Job That’s Way Beyond Your Experience

Job hunting is an intermittent period in life which generally has huge impact on everyone who is between jobs. Every individual, irrespective of whether educated or uneducated, has to go through this phase. Only the duration for which people go through this stage will vary. It is an integral part of everyone’s life. Job hunting [...]

PESAPASS APP The Next Big Thing In Kenya And Around The Globe

This post is published with permission from Alphaxard Ng’ang’a ( – who has just invented this APP. Alphaxard is looking for government or private sponsorship to actualize his dream – see details at the end of the article This is the ‘digital’ MPESA/MONEYGRAM/PAYPAL all in one. This is the NEXT BIG thing in Kenya as [...]

SHOCKING UPDATE | Kenyans Are Loosing Millions Daily

This is very shocking – the conning trends is worrying – Kenyans are loosing money in the most innocent way. Its not because they are foolish, its not because they did not do a due-diligence, and not because they are really desperate, but because the con-artists have hyped their conning game. I have followed this [...]

Best Jobs | SEO Services in Kenya |Make Money Online

Get the best jobs online in Kenya – find the best way to make money from the Internet in Kenya. SEO services in Kenya provide a great opportunity for the unemployed to make money online and stop nagging the government. What is SEO? SEO or search engine optimization is the process that helps websites or [...]