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Brighter Monday jobs website is by far the most viewed website in Kenya in reference to people looking for jobs in the Kenya career market. is a premier site previously known as The is a country specific domain referring to Kenya domains.

There are so many websites in Kenya providing jobs content but none matches BrighterMonday hence our decision to cover this website exclusively on our blog.

There are several parameters we have used to rank and classify brighter Monday as the premier jobs website in Kenya despite the fact that a job seeker would require registration to get the employer details.

The site is easy to use with different categories for job seekers and employers to explore the site with ease. The search button is just awesome and gives users a better experience to look for what they want on the site.

How can Kenyan Job Seekers Benefit from Brighter Monday? provides the best online platform for Kenyan job seekers because of fresh jobs posted on website on a daily, weekly basis. Because of its branding techniques, most companies/employers trust the site as their best place to advertise jobs online given the fact the service is for free.

Kenyans can explore different jobs on the websites because some employers cannot afford the newspaper advertisements and have resorted to using online platforms to advertise their vacancies.

Some employer will only advertise their jobs only on site and fail to do the same on other platforms because they have the believe that most Kenyan visit the site to look for jobs online and explore different qualifications needed.

How Can Employer’s Benefit From The Job Site

Employers can source qualified employees from the sites visitors who are interested in a particular advertised vacancy. Because it reaches a wider audience, employers are likely to get the best in the job market. This leads to the question how to advertise a job vacancy on brightermonday? To put you vacant position on the website, you need to first visit the website, prepare the details of your vacancy such as job description, the requirements, limitations, the age, salary scale if any, previous experience and then upload them in the right columns in the website and click submit.

How Popular is BrighterMonday (Alexa Rank)?

As mentioned brighter Monday is the leading jobs website in Kenya. What exactly does being the leading site mean? This means that most Kenyan looking for jobs online find their solutions with this website.

To understand how popular a site is, we use online tools – not necessary accurate – but the best we have to determine how a website ranks compared to other sites. In our case, we are going to use Alexa Rank to evaluate its rank in Kenya and to determine the number of page views per day and its value

According to Alexa, ranks no. 36 in Kenya and 32,686 globally. This means that there are more than 35 websites in Kenya which are most visited than this website by Kenyans who are in Kenya. The no. 36 is a reflection of location Kenya in Alexa Rank and not of Kenyans living in diaspora. But for jobs niche websites in Kenya, brightermonday ranks no. 1

This website gets an estimate of 180,000 pages views every single day – there is no doubt that Kenyans have embraced the online world.

Who Owns Brighter Monday? is owned by Carey, the owner of – another leading website in Kenya on a different niche.

Carey has invested millions in his web business – you can do the same by reading this post – and he recently entered into a partnership with an Australian firm raking in 1.7B Kenya shillings – this is the highest partnership in Kenyan online business investments.

How Does Brighter Monday Make Money?

BrighterMonday uses two methods that we can independently confirm to make money online. First, for you to see the advertiser details on the website, you must register and pay a small fee – usually 100/= – am not sure whether they have increased the registration fee. If one million Kenyans register on the website every single year that would add up to 100M Kenya shillings – pretty good money.

The second method brighter Monday is using to monetize its content is the use of pay per click program – in this case they are using the Google Adsense. I have seen Google ads on the home page footer of the website and this is another great way of making money online – nearly or the leading websites in Kenya use Google Adsense to make money online.

How Does Brighter Monday Get Its Visitors/Traffic?

This is an important question for companies planning to advertise their jobs/vacancies on the website. Another group that can be interested in where brightermonday visitors/traffic come from its their competitors – remember you must understand your competitor in order to create strategies that will give you a competitive edge in the market.

There are several sources from where the site gets its visitors/traffic as discussed below: first, brighter Monday runs TV ads on the leading media houses in Kenya and billboards in the capital city – Nairobi and these are great avenues for creating awareness of your website. Once people see your ad on TV, they would go online, type the exact web address as advertise or search it on google – this is quality traffic to your website.

From the search engines, the site gets more traffic/visitors from,, and This means that the site is highly optimized for SEO (search engine optimization). The keywords bringing this traffic include brighter Monday, brightermonday, jobs in Uganda and jobs in Kenya.

How Can I Create My own Website Like Brighter Monday?

You can easily running online businesses in kenya and make millions online Kenya.

It is easy to create your own website – without the help of a web developer – though we advised to get one if you are not creating a blog – they will charge you a few dollars for a professional website.

In this case – we refer you to read about Online Business Ideas – click the link and learn more about creating a similar powerful web business.

How About Competition for BrighterMonday?

Online web businesses in Kenya are still unexplored and competition is not that stiff. However, there are other places where Kenyans can find jobs online either classified jobs site or blogs owned by bloggers who are better at posting duplicate content – a behavior that sucks

The competitors include n-soko jobs, olx Kenya jobs,, pigiame jobs, mydeals jobs and many others listing jobs – we can get your suggestions on the comments section

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