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How Do make money? I have been asked this question countless times and I thought it could be better if I provide that answer here on our website. is the leading free classifieds website in Kenya and most guys don’t know how this company makes money online because they post ads for free and make deals for free on the website that spends millions to advertise on TV.

Previously, I have explained on scam free ways to make money online in Kenya, and becauseolx kenya - how it makes moneyse my article seems not to tackle everything about the procedures, this one on OLX would be of great help in understanding the online world. make money through Google AdSense where advertisers place their ads through Google Adwords.
If an advertiser/promoter/marketer want to target people post free ads on OLX, they place their ads TARGETING OLX from Google Adwords. Those ads are shown only on OLX and not the entire Google AdSense network.
From instance, am running Google AdSense on this website, and the most ads you see, are also found on other websites such as Nation,Standard,Kenya-Post, or simply 90% of Kenyan websites and around the globe.
This is the difference, if an advertiser targets your website directly, the cost per click is higher than when they run their ads on the entire network from Google Adwords.
Olx Kenya is the leading free classifieds ads website in Kenya and competitors include pigiame, mydeals, patauza, among others
The owners of Olx Kenya have invested a lot of money in advertising campaigns solidifying their market share in the unexploited online world in Kenya
Can I make a website and fetch good money like OLX? Yes you can
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