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Get the best jobs online in Kenya – find the best way to make money from the Internet in Kenya. SEO services in Kenya provide a great opportunity for the unemployed to make money online and stop nagging the government.

What is SEO?

SEO or search engine optimization is the process that helps websites or blogs rank high on search results of the all the search engines. A search engine is a website that helps us find webpages in the Internet or any information we want and they include Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask among others.

SEO is an important aspect for any website because it helps in generating organic traffic to the website from the search engines.

What Are SEO Services in Kenya and How Can I Provide Them in Kenya?

Having define SEO above, it will now be easier for us to define the SEO services in Kenya which you can provide to webmasters to help them rank their websites on search engines.

Before I mention the SEO services that you can provide, it is important to note that Google – by far the largest search engine, uses more than 200 signals to rank a website on their search results.

Getting all the signals right is an uphill task for webmasters. The most important signal a Google puts into consideration is the keyword use and deep linking of the articles in a website. However, these 2 signals are not enough to make the difference in a competitive market – and this is where SEO services in Kenya are needed.

Let Me List Several Search Engine Optimization – SEO Services in Kenya – I provide all these services at a small fee

  1. Blog commenting service - blog commenting service helps in creating back-links to a website and its a great signal considered by Google in their algorithm of ranking content online. Because most webmasters or people running other online businesses might be busy to do this service for themselves, you offer yourself as an alternative to the webmaster to provide this service. You can decide to charge 1,000/= for 50 comments and ensure you live behind constructive comments to avoid being branded as spam. You can increase your fees after testing the results of your first month in business. Ensure you leave your comments on dofollow blogs can you can find their list on Google.
  2. Press release distribution service – despite the new era of social media such as Twitter and Facebook – this service is still important to webmasters. This is creating articles like news and distributing them on news websites that accept this service – please make Google your friend. You can start charging 1,000= or even 500/= for at least 25 submissions and remember giving your report is important.
  3. Social Bookmarking Service – This service is a bit different from Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. We have social bookmarking sites which include Tagza, Dzone, Reddit, StumpleUpon, Digg, Delecious and Diigo among others. You service here includes submitting a website professionally on this sites and enabling the webmaster to get traffic and links from these social bookmarking sites. Start with 500-1000/= per 100 submissions
  4. Social Media Services – This services includes Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Google Page and LinkedIn – you can establish yourself on different groups on each of these sites except for Twitter and you promote other people’s websites and make money online easily. Ensure you do not spam because people might ignore what you post – be realistic
  5. Article writing and submission service – This is one of the best methods of SEO services in Kenya you can use to make good money online – write articles and submit them on different article directories – this signal still counts despite make guys in the SEO world arguing that its no longer important. Start with 2000/= for 100 submissions per one article and see yourself make good money online in Kenya with ease.

These are some of the many SEO services that you can provide in Kenya and create your own best job from the comfort of your house.

What DO you Need To Effectively Carry Out SEO Services in Kenya??

First, you do not need a university degree or even any college certificate for you to be able to perform SEO services only that they can be an added advantage.

You need to have a computer, a reliable internet and a peaceful environment to carry out your work effectively. However, if things are really bad, you can work from a cyber before you secure your own computer – but still, you can consider getting Zidisha loans

You need patient – before you get the first client, it can take time, but I advice starting on Facebook groups and LinkedIn groups, be an active member, contribute to every debate and after two weeks promote your services on the same group.

You need a blog – it is not really important – but i strongly advice that you get one – all the above SEO services, you can carry them out without the need to have a blog but its recommend you get one. See this website for more on getting a blog Create a Blog

For article writing, you need good writing skills and my friend Walter teaches article writing and an affordable fee – see here Article training and blog training at a mere 900 bob

Stay tuned for more SEO services in Kenya to help you get a job and make money online in Kenya

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