Top 10 Most Popular Jobs in Kenya in Demand 2013, 2014

Top 10 Most Popular Jobs in Kenya in Demand 2013, 2014, Bank, Accounting, Airways, UN, NGO, Teaching, Nursing, Engineering, Finance, Online and Embassy Jobs | Am exploring the top 10 most popular jobs in Kenya in demand 2013, 2014 and evaluate why they are in high demand.

The words ‘Jobs in Kenya’ is searched more that 200,000 times in a month according to Google Adwords Keyword Tool, while the words ‘careers in Kenya’ is searched over 135,000 times in a month. Last week, I highlighted the most popular job websites in Kenya based on Alexa Ranking – the most respected ranking on the Internet.
As a job seeker in Kenya, why do you search for certain jobs? Is it because of your experience, desperation, search for greener pastures, search for prestige, out of curiosity, are you not satisfied by your current employer, which careers in Kenya do you thin fit you best? In this article, I have considered specific long tail keywords from Google tool and have not considered keywords search as latest jobs, best jobs, jobs vacancies , jobs and careers in Kenya. Did you know there are jobs that are well paying and do not require a college degree?
Top 10 Most Popular Jobs in Kenya in Demand 2013, 2014 – Analysis from Google Keyword Tool
These jobs can be found at Top Job Websites in Kenya

UN jobs Kenya – searched over 18,100 times in the Internet

Kenyans perceive working in the UN as a big prestige owing to the claim that they earn good salaries and the opportunities of traveling outside the country often. UN has its headquarters located in Nairobi and this could be a factor that has seen an increase in the search of the UN jobs in Kenya. It is a respected institution around the world and the employees in the institution are accorded similar respect.

Bank Careers – searched over 14,800 times in the Internet 

It is now evident that Kenyans search for bank jobs than other job in other sectors in the economy.  The evaluation for the Google Keyword tool confirms this assertion. The bank job in Kenya includes employment from the International agencies such as World Bank, Africa Development Bank and other local banks such as KCB, Barclays, Standard, Cooperative, Equity, Family, DTB, CBA, Habib Bank, Fina and Micro Finance Institutions. Among the best paying bank in Kenya include Women Finance bank, Coop Bank, Ecobank – this data is from a survey by Deloitte in 2013.
Bank careers in Kenya range from clerical, human resource, management, accounting, risk analysis, customer service, and international banking. Most Kenyans believe that banks pay well which might not be the case.

Online jobs – and best of writing opportunities – searched over 12,100 times

Kenyans are embracing technology and this has resulted into increased demand for online jobs in the country that is seen as the economic hub of East Africa. The online jobs in Kenya range from data entry clerks, freelance writing, article writing, support team, developing and creating websites. It is important to understand that web design in Kenya has significantly increased in the last 5 years and we have Kenyans selling domains, provision of seo services  and providing hosting services. I have written an article on the overview of online world in Kenya and what people should consider before venturing
The other factor that could have contributed to the increase in search for online jobs is the fact that many Kenyans are opting to look for jobs online instead of looking for them in print media. The development of e-commerce in Africa and especially in Kenya is another factor that has led to the increase of search of jobs online in Kenya.

NGO  – searched over 8,100 times in the Internet 

Similar to UN, there is an influx of NGO’s in Kenya and this has enhanced the jobs demanded by Kenyans to work for the NGO’s. Kenyans believe that NGO’s offer a good environment to work and achieve their goals. There is also the salary consideration factor in searching for NGO jobs in Kenya because they are deemed to pay an attractive remuneration to their employees and the chances of traveling often.

Accounting jobs in Kenya – searched over 5,400 times in the Internet 

When I decided to write this article, I thought accounting jobs  would top the list because every other organization across the country needs an accountant. CPA is a common course offered in Kenya without many restrictions and so many Kenyans have enrolled for this accounting course.

Jobs at Kenya Airways – searched over 3,600 times 

Kenya Airways is the leading airline in Kenya hence the search for jobs in the company not surprising. It is regarded as the Pride of Africa with destinations across the globe. Commonly known as KQ, Kenyans search for different jobs to work at the airline. KQ is a prestigious company in Kenya to work for as many of us perceive when we were in primary school and high school.

Teaching  in Kenya – searched over 3,600 times 

Teachers in Kenya teaching in government schools are employed by the teacher’s service commission and the job vacancies are usually advertised once or twice a year. This is therefore not a factor that contributes to high search of the jobs in the country.
The factor that contributes to the increased demand of teaching jobs in Kenya is the influx of teachers from the universities with limited opportunities in the government teaching jobs. Graduates search for teaching jobs in the private sector with a hope one day they will be absorbed by the government.

Engineering  in Kenya – searched over 3,600 times in the Internet 

They are different engineering positions and courses offered in Kenya and this has led to the increased demand of engineering jobs in Kenya. This ranges from electrical, structural, civil, and mechanical engineering. Engineering is considered a prestigious course and job in Kenya.

Finance in Kenya – 

There is influx of financial and investment institutions in Kenya and they all need a finance officer. All banks in Kenya, micro finance institutions, NGO’s, hospitals need a finance officer.

Embassy jobs in Kenya

Kenyans love working with foreigners especially from Europe and America. They appreciate their association and some end up getting married by the colleagues in the embassy they are working for.

Nursing Jobs in Kenya

Top 10 Most Popular Jobs in Kenya in Demand 2013, 2014, Bank, Accounting, Airways, UN, NGO, Teaching, Nursing, Engineering, Finance, Online and Embassy Jobs

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